Have you got the S Factor?

The 'Have you got the S Factor?' campaign aims to raise awareness of inflammatory arthritis. 

Please email or call on 020 8948 9117 if you would like copies and ask your GP surgery, your library, local pharmacy or any other public place to display them to help raise awareness.

Have you got the ‘S' factor?

Spinal pain & stiffness lasting more than 3 months in a young adult could be inflammatory if you tick 4 out of 5 bullets:

  • It started before the age of 40
  • It started slowly: it did not come on suddenly
  • You have noticed improvement with exercise
  • There is no improvement with rest
  • You experience pain at night (with improvement on getting up) 

Have you got the ‘S' factor?

  • Stiffness - early morning joint stiffness lasting more than 30 minutes
  • Swelling - persistent swelling of one joint or more, especially hand joints
  • Squeezing - squeezing the joints is painful in inflammatory arthritis

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