Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases to merge with Royal United Hospital Bath

Your thoughts

The Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases (RNHRD), Bath, known as ‘the Min' is joining with the Royal United Hospital (RUH), also in Bath. The two hospitals aim to achieve this once the RUH has achieved Foundation Trust status. This decision has been made by the Board at the RNHRD due to the RNHRD's worsening financial position.

You can read a statement from the Min (dated 15 May 2013) here.

Many of you will know that the RNHRD provides an excellent ankylosing spondylitis residential course . It is a one-off and valued highly by many AS patients, some who have described the course at the Min as ‘life-changing'.

The Chief Executive of the RNHRD has agreed to meet with the Director of NASS regularly to discuss the issues arising from the ‘joining' with the RNHRD. The Director has expressed concern about the joining and has been advised by the Chief Executive that there are no plans to stop the AS course and no current plans to close the building or the facilities.  The RNHRD expects the AS service to continue once the RNHRD joins with the RUH.

The Director of NASS appreciates the strength of feeling and the attachment patients feel to the AS course and would like to be able to present these in detail to the Chief Executive at the RNHRD, and indeed, in time, the Chief Executive of the RUH. Your personal accounts of the AS course at the Min will be valuable in conveying the strength of feeling out there for the AS course.  A Save the Min website has been set up which you can look at and a petition was presented in January 2014 with 5,011 signatures.

Please use this page to describe how you feel about the AS course at the RNHRD, how it has helped you, why it needs to be protected, why this service is so important. Please feel free to make any comments you feel are relevant for the Director to represent to the Chief Executive about your experience as a patient on the AS course at the Min.   Thank you.

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