NASS Branches

Living well with AS in a fun and supportive environment

NASS currently have 91 branches across the UK that provide regular physiotherapy to people with AS. 

The branches meet for regular exercise in a gym, hydrotherapy pool or both, with a qualified physiotherapist. Some of our branches are more than 30 years old and still have original members regularly attending sessions.

Most branches meet on a weekly basis, ensuring that they are able to access tailored physiotherapy as often as possible to help their members live well with AS.

In a survey, we asked our branches to tell us the main benefits of attending a branch. Their members say accessing regular physiotherapy has the following impact on their daily lives:

General Pain and Mobility Social
Helps self management of AS (83%) Improves flexibility (83%) Peer social interaction (90%)
Improves sleep (45%) Reduces stiffness (85%) AS support and advice (77%)
Improves overall well-being (82%) Reduces pain (62%)  
Improves health (70%) Improves fitness (87%)  
Branches do not only provide physical benefits for those with AS, but also give those who attend the opportunity to seek advice and support with their peers, build lasting friendships and participate in social and fundraising events within a friendly and fun group.

If this all sounds great to you, whether you're interested for yourself or a friend or family member, you can find your nearest NASS branch by searching with your postcode. Or, if you want to take a look at the atmosphere of a branch before you decide, visit our Exercise and AS Pinterest board to see more snaps of our branches in action.

Take the plunge and find your local NASS branch!

What members say...

"I feel better with regular exercise and have gained more confidence and genuine friends who understand."

"We are very lucky in that we are able to do our exercises in the hydrotherapy pool, having warm water to support your aching and sometimes very painful muscle's is just sheer joy!"

"Even when I'm really sore and a bit down, the positive attitude of the group and our physios always results in me going home with a great big smile on my face."

"We stretch a little (with the occasional groan!) and have a really good time chatting, laughing and enjoying each others company with the benefit, as minimum, of maintaing our remaining mobility but always striving to improve."

"As soon as I leave I am wishing the next Thursday to come as the warm water and physio techniques help so much with my mobility."

"Being able to talk with people who understand the condition and are positive about looking after themselves reassured me that the future need not be totally gloomy."

"Belonging to this group means that our members are never very far from advice and support and can be seen quicker if they have a flare."