The UK benefits system is complex

If you want advice on what you could be claiming do contact a local Welfare Rights service such as Citizen's Advice. If you call your local council and say you want help with welfare rights they will give you a local contact number.

NASS have access to a number of publications produced by an external agency called Benefits and Work covering a range of issues including: 

  • Attendance Allowance
  • Claiming PIP and appealing PIP decisions
  • Claiming ESA and appealing ESA decisions

These are all available free of charge to NASS members by contacting Matthew Briggs. Please specify which of the guides you would like to receive. We do also write supporting letters for NASS members.

If do you feel you need more advice we recommend that you contact a Welfare Rights organisation which offer a free service. They will often provide you with assistance in filling out long forms correctly and will make sure you know what benefits are available to you.

If you do feel you have been unjustly turned down for a benefit then do appeal the decision. Use your closest Welfare Rights organisation and make sure you have our guide to appealing.

Last reviewed: November 2015


Latest news

Welfare Reform Bill

The government’​s controversial welfare reform bill –​ which will see huge cuts to disability benefits, among other major changes –​ has cleared its final parliamentary obstacle and is now set to become law. Following the failure of peers and MPs to reverse the most damaging aspects of the bill, disabled people’​s organisations are now likely to take legal action against parts of the legislation, once it becomes law.

The DWP has released figures detailing that billions of pounds worth of benefits that went unclaimed in the 2009-10 financial year. They reveal that many people, including pensioners and the unemployed are missing out on benefits worth thousands of pounds.

A detailed year-long study by Citizens Advice into the coalition government's controversial work capability assessments has revealed new evidence of widespread inaccuracies in the medical reports that help to determine whether individuals are eligible for ESA.

A group of disabled campaigners have published a highly detailed report on the proposed DLA reforms called ‘Responsible reform’ . If true it could lead to legal challenges to the welfare reform bill and to questions as to whether conservative ministers deliberately mislead parliament.