Last updated:11th April 2017

Walk Your AS Off 2017

Walk Your AS Off is now in it's 6th year!

Walk Your AS Off is a community organisation which runs a virtual walk for people with AS every year.

Virtual means you walk where you live and work without the need to attend an event.

Walkers improve their health while raising awareness of AS. You track your daily steps and, as a team, set a collective goal.

The walk brings people and teams together from all over the world, showing that a small group of people can take great strides to change the world. 

This year the challenge, with teams from all over the globe, runs from May 1st to May 31st.

Why not get involved and join one of the two UK teams?

There's the AS Buzzers team, captained by Kathy Miller and Gerry Dance?  Join the AS Buzzers team on the Walk Your AS Off page. The AS Buzzers Facebook page also has a 'join' button.

There's also the Orange Apples team captained by Jean Morton. You can join the Orange Apples on the Walk Your AS off page or on the Orange Apples Facebook page.

Absolutely anyone is welcome to join. Every single step, no matter how few or many, really does count and help to raise awareness of AS.

You can even register your dogs for the challenge - they have their own team, Team Paws for our Cause.