Last updated: 9th May 2017

Bognor Regis


Activities: Hydrotherapy and gym exercise

Day: Wednesday 18:00 - 20:00

Venues: Bognor Regis Memorial Hospital, Shripney Road, Bognor Regis, West Sussex, PO22 9PP

Cost: £28.50 per month by standing order (other options available - see orange box below)

Transport: Bus Stop 50 yards from door (700 bus). Free parking and disabled parking outside the pool area.


Email Anthony Tuffin or call Karen Garner on 01243 555 144 or 07762 823 880

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Who we are

We have been meeting each week since 1992 and are very keen for new members to join our friendly and welcoming group.

Friendly, informal and social atmosphere.

The sessions are excellent and we have all experienced great benefits from coming each week.

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What we do


A weekly, two-hour session comprising a 50 minute gym session and /or 50 minute hydrotherapy session with qualified physiotherapy staff.

We also hold social events throughout the year.

As an alternative to standing orders, members can pay either £8 a session or £37.50 for a block of 5 sessions.


How to find us


Easiest way to raise money for our branch 

Shop with any of over 3,000 well known retailers listed on and a percentage of what you spend is passed to the branch at no additional cost to you. Retailers include Amazon, M&S, Vodaphone, eBay, Tesco, Viking and many more. Please register today (at no cost) to support and NASS Bognor Regis will receive and addition £5 when the supporter raises his/her first £10.

2016 Annual Report

Our 2016 Annual Report is available to download, featuring updates on the branch's progress over the past year.


We signed agreements with the Hospital Trust on 28 February 2017 for the continued use of hospital facilities and we re-opened the hydrotherapy pool for two sessions a week on 8 March.  After membership had fallen to eight last year, we are very pleased it has risen to eleven by March of this year (2017) but we would welcome more members.

2017 Social Events

Saturday 3 June   11.00am, Joint AS awareness event with Worthing Branch in Yapton.  Guest speakers and sandwich lunch.  Please contact Anthony Tuffin for details  

Saturday 24 June  BBQ in Yapton. Please contact Karen or Anthony Tuffin for details

Saturday 29 July 15:30  Cream Tea by the Sea in Selsey. Admission by ticket, £5. Please contact Anthony Tuffin for details

Sunday 3 September Silver Anniversary party in Chichester. Please contact John or Anthony Tuffin for details

2017 AGM

Six members were present for the AGM on 18 January and Lyudmil Kostadinov and Matt Read attended.

Members were very pleased that the branch had made a surplus in 2016 again, of £440 but John Wilton (Treasurer) explained that did not reflect the underlying situation. Without the very good level of income from fundraising and grants (£1806) the branch would have had a deficit of around £1366.

The Chair reported that the Committee proposed to hold an AS Awareness Event to recruit more members and asked for members’ support.  He also asked for ideas for celebrating the Branch’s 25th anniversary. He reported that the Committee was very close to reaching agreement with the Hospital Trust on the continued use of hospital facilities.

The existing Committee was re-elected.


News Archive

Barbecue at Yapton 2016 

About 25 members and friends of the branch braved the weather on 25 June to attend a barbecue in the garden of Branch Committee Member, Karen Garner   The barbecue was a new venture by the branch to celebrate NASS’s 40th anniversary this year. 

Cream Tea by the Sea 2016

It was a perfect day for our Cream Tea by the Sea on Sunday September 11 when we celebrated NASS’s 40th birthday.  About  20 members and friends raised £198 for the branch.  Tea was served in the garden, where guests enjoyed the warm sunshine and the view to the Isle of Wight. Thanking the guests, the Chairman said the money would provide several hours of essential hydrotherapy for members  and he reminded guests that members paid for most of their hydrotherapy themselves.  He also expressed thanks to those supporters who, although unable to attend, had donated instead.

Cream Tea by the Sea 2015

About forty members and friends gathered for what has now become the annual Cream Tea by the Sea in Selsey on Sunday 23 August 2015 and made a record £289 for the branch. Because there was quite a high wind, tables were set indoors this year but it was sunny and, as usual, some guests enjoyed the fresh air and the view from the garden to the Isle of Wight. The Committee thanks everybody who contributed to this splendid result.

Paella Party 2015

Our joint Paella Party with Kangaroos (a charity for young people with learning disabilities) on 14 June 2015 raised £165 for each charity. The photo shows the chef, Richard, slaving over a hot stove. We are very grateful to Richard and his wife, Jenni, for organising and hosting the event and to Karen who ran a very successful raffle.

Heather Gearing

We are very sorry indeed to announce that Heather Gearing, Branch Secretary, died on 10 June 2015 following a fall while on holiday in Portugal. She was a founder member of the branch in 1992 and had been its Secretary from the beginning or soon after. We shall miss and remember her and her smile. We extend our deepest sympathy to her husband Mike, their two sons and their grandchildren.

Christmas Party 2014

Members of Bognor Regis NASS and their partners came from Chichester, Bognor, Yapton, Selsey and surrounding areas to enjoy their annual Christmas Dinner at The Walnut Tree, Runcton on Thursday 18 December 2014.  As usual, The Walnut Tree put on a good, festive spread and also generously donated a voucher as a raffle prize. The Branch’s Chair, Anthony Tuffin of Selsey, thanked members for their support during the year and proposed a toast to NASS and the branch physiotherapists, who were represented by Lisa Pilling.  Branch member, Karen Garner, organized the successful raffle in aid of branch funds.


Summary of 2015 AGM

Ten members attended the AGM on 21 January and Matt Read represented the physiotherapists. Members were very pleased that the branch made a surplus of £609 in 2014 compared with only £220 in 2013 but noted that this was only because of the generosity of two Rotary Clubs.

It was announced that the Committee intended to repeat the Paella and Pimms Party, Cream Tea by the Sea and Christmas Dinner which had been successful in 2014.

The Chair warmly thanked Kevin Judd who had retired after about 13 years as Treasurer. The meeting elected John Wilton (already a committee member) to replace Kevin and elected Karen Garner to replace John as an 'other' committee member. The other committee members were re-elected: Chair - Anthony Tuffin; Secretary - Heather Gearing; Other committee member - Richard Herrett.

The meeting passed a vote of thanks to the current physiotherapists and others who helped the branch in 2014 and wished a speedy recovery to Lisa who was unwell.
Cream Tea by the Sea 2014

Nearly forty members and friends of the Bognor branch of NASS raised over £230 on Sunday 31 August 2014. They gathered at the home of the branch chairman and his wife, Anthony and Rosemarie Tuffin, in Selsey for a Cream Tea by the Sea.

The star raffle prize -  a meal for two kindly donated by The Spotted Cow at Hunston - was won by Clair from Chichester.

The money will provide about eleven hours of hydrotherapy for members. Although it may not seem like much, the chairman reminded guests that it all helps, especially as members pay for the hydrotherapy themselves.

Our picture shows some of the guests enjoying tea in the sunny garden by the sea.
Summary of 2014 AGM

Nine members attended the AGM in 22 January, there was one apology and two physiotherapists were present. Members were pleased that the branch made a surplus of over £200 in 2013 compared with a deficit of over £600 in 2012.

The previous committee were all re-elected:
Chair - Antony Tuffin
Secretary - Heather Gearing
Treasurer - Kevin Judd
Other committee members - Richard Herrett and John Wilton
The meeting passed a vote of thanks to the current physiotherapists and the others who helped the branch during 2013.


Paella Party
Branch members and supporters enjoyed a party in Richard and Jenni Herrett's sunny garden on 1 June 2014 and raised £300 for Richard's charity (NASS Bognor Regis) and £300 for Jenni's charity Kangaroos, which helps young people with learning disabilities. We are very grateful to both of them, to Karen Garner who organised the raffle and to everyone who supported the event. Richard was also the chef. 

Sebastian awarded for his work for NASS
We are delighted that local lad, seven-year-old Sebastian Cunningham of Aldwick, won the Observer group of newspapers' Community 'Mini Marvel' Award yesterday for raising more than £1,000 for our parent organisation, NASS. He has cycled, trampolined and even climbed Snowdon for NASS. Well done Sebastian and your parents, who have encouraged and supported you.

Chairman's report 2013

Download the Chairman`s Report for 2013 and read all about our activities in the past year.
Our Christmas Party 2013

Our photo shows members of NASS, Bognor Regis Branch, who came from Chichester, Bognor, Yapton, Selsey and surrounding areas to enjoy their annual Christmas Dinner at The Walnut Tree, Runcton, on Thursday 12 December 2013.

The Branch’s Chair, Anthony Tuffin of Selsey, thanked members for their support during the year and their physiotherapists, Lisa Pilling, Becky Sutton and their assistant, Matt Read, for all their work to keep the members fit.  He also expressed appreciation to Christina Rawson, Alan Doyle and Sara Maidaa who had helped as physiotherapists earlier in the year.