Last updated: 24th February 2017

Cannock Chase

Activities: Hydrotherapy and gym exercise

Day: Monday: Pool (two groups) 18:30 to 19:45 Gym 18:45 to 19:45

Venue: Cannock Chase Hospital, Brunswick Road, Cannock, Staffs, WS11 2XY

Cost: £3.50 per session

Transport: Local bus and rail services are nearby, on-site parking is also available.


Martin Owen, 01543 459 576 or email Raymond Cooksey using the contact link below

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Who we are

We are a very friendly group and our sessions are efficient, not too formal but enjoyable.  New members are always welcome.

What we do

We alternate between the pool and the gym.

When using the pool we typically split into two groups, this is based on preference of the members and not ability.

Advice is always available from our specialist physiotherapists.

How to find us


NASS HO visit - 18 May 2015

Laura, NASS Branch Development Officer, visited NASS Cannock Chase on Monday 18 May 2015.

Our branch is supported by three physiotherapists who rotate over the weeks. The session of Laura's visit was supervised by Philippa who has been with us for approximately two years.

During the session, branch members formed a circle stretching and twisting to the side by passing three balls around the inside and outside of the circle. One of our branch members, Fred, decided to spice things up by adding gym balls into the mix. 

This became much more fun (and a bit of a challenge) when Philippa announced that we would then be passing the balls through our legs and over our heads - providing a great laugh. This movement (with normal sized balls) helps people with AS to retain flexibility in the spine by bending forwards and backwards.

We continued with team games that involved bouncing, passing and jogging with the basketballs. Following this, Philippa had everyone practising their postured and stretching their backs by trying to walk while balancing a small bean bag on their head.

After an hour, it was time to cool down with some gentle stretches, before heading off home.