Last updated: 12th June 2017


Activities: Hydrotherapy and Gym Exercise

Day: Monday 19:00 - 20:30

Venue: Western General Hospital, Crewe Road South, Stockbridge, Edinburgh EH4 2XU

Cost: £5 per session or £11 per month by standing order

Transport: Local bus services: Traveline Scotland 0870 608 2608


Email Charles Millar or call Iain MacDonald on 0131 476 1910

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Who we are

We are a friendly bunch who have been meeting for many years.  We are always looking for new members to join us - so get in touch today.

What we do

Exercises in the hydrotherapy pool, which are optional, commence at 19:00 (attendees should arrive around 18:50) and last for 30 minutes; these are followed by exercises in the gym which last for a further hour.

To attend these classes, you should have been diagnosed as suffering from AS; at your initial attendance, you may be assessed by the physiotherapist in charge to ascertain your fitness to participate.

There is a weekly subscription, which can either be paid on the night or by a voluntary monthly Standing Order.  There is no charge at the first attendance.

How to find us

Latest Branch News

View the 2016 session rota

The rota also includes details of the AGM and fundraising events.

Congratulations to Edinburgh who are our Branch of the Month for September 2013

Branch AGM - 16 September 2013

The branch AGM takes place on Monday 16 September at 7pm. The guest speaker this year is Dr B Houser who will be presenting her preliminary findings from her research into Osteoperosis in AS. If you would like to see the full agenda you can download it here.

Venue Symposium Room 2 within the Medical Education Centrre on floor 3 of the Outpatient Central admission building at Western General Hospital.

Edinburgh's Stretch for NASS - 2011

Back from Australia and helping the NASS support group in Edinburgh.

NASS Edinburgh was presented with a £500 cheque from Sarah Andrew, the daughter of the current branch Secretary.  She decided to enter the 10k run, which was held as part of the 21st May 2011 Edinburgh Marathon Festival.  However, she did not participate on behalf of one of the event sponsored charities but one that is very important to her personally.   Sarah wanted her contribution to go towards the support of the group that is working to help Ankylosing Spondylitis sufferers, in Edinburgh, which includes her father, Iain Macdonald and her Aunt, Jeanne Mason.

The day after she completed the run she sent a ‘thank you’ note to all of those who had agreed to sponsor her and here, following, is an extract from Sarah’s email of the 22nd May:

"Well I am still alive and really pleased with how well I went yesterday!  I managed to run the 10km in 52min & 58 seconds and that is official!!!  I am very happy and came in 288th out of 1500 people.

It was hard going, the rain stayed away but it was very very windy.  It is quite a challenging route with 2 main hilly bits.  I managed to keep to my word and I only walked for less than a minute up the steepest part of the hill (anti clockwise round the road of Arthur’s Seat).  At this point I had already run 6kms.  I had another ‘time inconvenience’ in that I needed to do a ‘Paula Radcliffe’ and have an unscheduled stop; about which I was quite annoyed but it was necessary to avoid an accident! On the plus side I did not have to queue as I just sort of hid behind a rock!

My legs are a bit on the stiff side today, but not to worry had a nice walk this afternoon.  I am really pleased I managed to raise so much money just for pushing myself to run 10kms!!"

As well as the £500, raised for NASS, Sarah also got a $50 donation in Australia to the ‘flying doctor service’, from some of her friends that she made during the time she and her husband spent in Sydney as part of his recent 3 year secondment there.