Last updated: 25th April 2016

Leicester & District

Activities: Gym exercise and hydrotherapy

Day: Every Monday 18:30 - 20:30 (except bank holidays)

Venue: Leicester General Hospital, Gwendolen Road, Leicester LE5 4PY

Cost: £10 a month by standing order

Transport: Hospital Hopper Bus UHL, Firstbus 16 & 14A, Centrebus 36 and Circlebus 10, on-site parking and free parking at Ash Field Academy (during term time) at owners' risk

Join/Info: Paul Woolley (h) 0116 319 5034

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Who we are

We were established as a NASS branch in 2011. We are an enthusiastic group of local people with AS who meet every week to exercise. We are supportive and friendly and are always looking for new members.

Our branch is multicultural consisting of members from a variety of backgrounds and a fairly even number of men and women subscribe.

The branch enjoys support from Dr Moorthy, Consultant Rheumatologist at the hospital, and his team.

As an encouragement we offer a free initial session in the gym and hydro pool.

What we do

We meet every Monday at 18:30 in the Leicester General Hospital main gym for stretching exercises until 19.30pm. We then move to the hydrotherapy pool just a few steps away until 20:30pm.

Our exercises are carried out under the direction and supervison of a fully qualified physiotherapist from the hospital.

How to find us

Branch News

Re-opened pool and AGM

Now that the hydro pool has re-opened following extensive maintenance work, we meet weekly for both land-based and warm water exercise.

Our Annual General Meeting is held in February/March to which all subscribing members and their partners are invited. You are very welcome to attend - please contact Paul Woolley for more details on attending a session