Last updated: 10th May 2016


Activities: Hydrotherapy & Gym exercise

Day: Wednesdays, 18:30 -20:00

Venue: Orpington Hospital, Sevenoaks road, Orpington, Kent BR6 6JU

Cost: £20 per month

Transport: The R5, R8, R11 and 358 buses stop at the hospital entrance


John Brooks 020 8302 5309

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Who we are

Our members are both men and women of varying ability, age. 

Our physiotherapists are very experienced in the management of AS and are committed to the group. Our members are encouraged to exercise to their maximum potential in a friendly, supportive and approachable environment.

What we do

We run a weekly session covering both land-based and hydrotherapy exercises. 

Sessions are split into two groups of 40 minutes each, most members attend both sessions, while others choose to do a singe session, depending on their needs and other commitments. Each session is led by a qualified physiotherapist. All new members will be given a warm welcome.

How to find us


25th Anniversary – Tudor style

Orpington NASS celebrated its 25th birthday with a Puddings Evening at National Trust property, Ightham Mote, and a performance of ‘The Magpie’ by the renowned actress Kate Glassock. 

Assembling in the late afternoon on Saturday 31st January for welcome drinks, 46 members and guests of the branch were then escorted to the Great Hall to enjoy a stunning one-woman performance. 

The branch enjoyed a delicious meal in the restaurant followed by a choice of puddings – as much and as many as could be managed – and to cement the friendships which they enjoy as a group on Wednesday evenings at Orpington Hospital. 
NASS Orpington took the opportunity to pay tribute to their physiotherapists, two of whom were guests for the evening – Ellen Clarkson, the lead physiotherapist who has been with the branch from its conception, and Carole Beare who has to date managed 17 years. Their third physiotherapist, Carol Frewin, was sadly unable to make it. Their dedication, loyalty to the group, and help to the branch was marked with warm applause.

The branch was particularly delighted to welcome NASS Chairman Raj Mahapatra, who proposed a toast of thanksgiving for the past and good wishes for the future.

Meeting at Orpington Hospital, the Group at present numbers 33 members, and we have the benefit of two sessions, one in the gym and the other in the hydrotherapy pool.
Orpington NASS Chairman, Canon Derek Carpenter, said: "It is probably impossible to emphasise the extent to which so many have been helped through that quarter of a century, but the present Orpington NASS members certainly celebrated in good style – and after all those puddings, we realised how much more exercise needed to be done!"