Last updated: 26th April 2016


Activities: Hydrotherapy and gym exercise

Day: Tuesdays, 18:00 - 19:30

Venue: Salisbury Hospital, Wiltshire, SP2 8BJ

Cost: £24 a month (by standing order)

Transport: A bus service to the hospital runs every 20mins. Ample on-site parking available

Join/Info: Nigel Cleeve, 07704 889 250

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Who we are

A very happy group of patients from all walks of life, with different levels of AS, working together, using appropriate exercises in hydrotherapy pool.  There is a qualified physiotherapist present throughout the session giving helpful tips with organised physiotherapy sessions.

What we do

We start in the hydrotherapy pool at 6pm and at approximately 7pm we go into the gym.  You are very welcome to join us for both, or just the pool or the gym.

We also run regular social events throughout the year - we look forward to seeing you there!

Why not come along and try it out - the first couple of sessions are free.

How to find us

Hydro fun with NASS Salisbury

NASS Salisbury came together to smile and wave for a group picture when Laura went to meet the branch on 16 June. The hydrotherapy pool at Salisbury Hospital, which the branch access every Tuesday, is big enough to allow 24 people to access the pool at any one time.



(Don't worry, the pool is bigger than the photo lets on!)

NASS Salisbury are supported by six physiotherapists who operate on a rota. Three of these physiotherapists recently attended an AStretch course to enhance their knowledge of physiotherapy management for AS in order to better support the branch. There are two physiotherapists which supervise each session. During which, one will take a class in the hydrotherapy pool, while the other prepares a gym routine to follow on from the pool exercise.

NASS Salisbury branch members have the freedom to choose whether they would like to partake in the gym exercise, carry on in the pool or simply go home after an hour long hydrotherapy session.


During Laura's visit, before the pool session had even finished a few branch members were requesting Badminton to follow in the gym. Lucky for them, a set of rackets and an improvised net were waiting for them. Sports such as badminton and volleyball are great for improving flexibility and mobility for those with AS (pictured left).

NASS Salisbury's weekly session don't end in the gym. The group have a great sense of community and friendship and following each weekly branch meeting, a group of the members go out for dinner at the local Harvester resturant (yum).

If you have ankylosing spondylitis or a related condition, why not contact Nigel Cleeve, Branch Contact, through the details at the top of this page and come along?