5km and 10km distances

Fundraising - Run - Edinburgh Half Marathon Finisher - Ruth Hollis

5km and 10km distances are perfect for people who may not be pros, but have a lot of energy and passion for getting fit, having fun and doing some fundraising! Support NASS by discovering a fun and memorable event near you.

Remember, here are just some ideas to get you inspired and there are many runs across the UK for you to choose from. Get in touch with us at fundraising@nass.co.uk and our helpful team will get you started.

Big Fun Run
The Big Fun Run series of 5km runs are hosted throughout the UK from June to October. There are 20 locations to choose from so that you can have fun fundraising for NASS, whether you choose to walk, jog, or run – there is something for everyone!

We have charity places available for our amazing supporters. Get in touch with us and your fundraising journey with NASS can begin. Click on the link for more information on the Big Fun Run and for details on direct entry.

Dog Jog
For all you puppy lovers who want to go on a fun 5km run with your furry friend, the Dog Jog is the perfect event for you! Taking place from June – October with 20 locations throughout the UK, become a dog jogger while raising money for NASS. Click on the link to find out more and make your dog’s dreams come true.

Scottish 10km
Calling all of our amazing supporters in Scotland, do not miss the opportunity to run 10km on a beautiful track starting at just outside Edinburgh, along the East Lothian coastline, leading you to Musselburgh Racecourse at the finish. Wave the flag for NASS and spread the word for people suffering with axial SpA (AS). For dates and more information, click here.

Edinburgh Marathon Festival
The Edinburgh Marathon Festival is Scotland’s biggest running event and is the perfect way for the entire family to get involved and do their bit for charity. Juniors can take part in a series of races ranging from 1km-10km, and adults can combat the Half and full Marathon, taking in breath-taking views of some of Scotland’s most famous landmarks. Check out the website and get in touch with us to book your place for May 23-24, 2020.

Bournemouth Marathon Festival
The Bournemouth Marathon Festival is the perfect all-rounder for everyone who wants to get involved and raise money for NASS. Whether you choose the Supernova 5km, the Supersonic 10km, the Half Marathon or the full 26.2-mile track, we here at NASS will support your journey from start to finish. Get in touch with a member of our team and for more details, check out the website for the Bournemouth Marathon Festival here.

The Color Run
The 5km Color Run is the happiest, most vibrant way to get involved in an exciting challenge and raise money for people affected by axial SpA (AS). More than half of the participants at The Color Run are first-time 5km runners – a great challenge for everyone, and an event you do not want to miss. We do not have charity places for this race, but if you enter online to secure your own place, and then get in touch with us, we’d love to help you with your fundraising and training! Click on the link to see how and where you can support NASS with colour.



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