Last updated:17th February 2017

Set up a fundraising page

Online fundraising is a fast and secure way to raise sponsorship money, allowing friends and family far and wide to sponsor you. Users can set up unique pages, explaining the details of their challenge and why they want to support NASS.

Virgin Money Giving

Set up in 2009, Virgin Money Giving charges the smallest fee to charities for use of its site. Fundraisers can set up a page to be used in every event they take part in and can also choose to split donations between two or more charities. Charities pay a 2% transaction fee on donations.


This is a much bigger site, and has been running a lot longer. It is a well developed site, that provides easy links between your online fundraising pages and other social media sites. There is a 5% fee on each donation made through the site.

Both Virgin Money Giving and Justgiving let us know when you have set up a page. The money is transferred automatically to us so you don't have to chase any cash or cheques. Gift Aid is also collected automatically.

To set up a fundraising page on Virgin Money Giving click here and follow the simple on screen instructions or to set up a fundraising page on Just Giving click here.

Some tips!

Tell your story

Your page is a great chance to tell your story to others. Maybe you are fundraising to support a loved one with AS, or you have the condition yourself and are taking on a personal challenge. Some people may not be aware what AS is, so try to mention this - we can help provide you with some simple information. Stories really help to engage and educate your family and friends, and are a great way to drive donations

Include images

Add picture or two of you training for your event or in your NASS t-shirt! It makes your page more personal. If you've held an event or taken part in a challenge, you can also add pictures afterwards to show your supporters how things went. They'll be grateful.

Say thank you!

If someone has donated towards your event and left you with their contact details, remember to send them a quick thank you.

Post updates

If you're training for an event, why not post updates of how your training is going? Your supporters will see the efforts you are making, and may be inspired to take up a challenge themselves or leave an extra donation.




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