Last updated:9th October 2017

Super six take on Royal Parks for NASS!

Thank you to our amazing team of six of who took part in the Royal Parks Half on 8 October 2017! 

David Barnett lives with AS, and took on the Royal Parks for the third time, completing it in a record 1 hour 36 minutes. David says, 'I speak from personal experience when I say that ankylosing spondylitis is literally a pain in the neck and that NASS do an amazing job and could do with your help, so anything you can chuck into the metaphorical begging bowl would be greatly appreciated!' Donate to David's page

David was joined by his friend Emma Cooper, who ran to support him. Emma says, 'I've recently discovered a few of my friends are affected by this and they just absolutely plough through life seemingly without letting it stop them which is both amazing and inspiring.' Donate to Emma's page

Alex Vlassopulos suffered with symptoms from his early twenties. However, it took 15 years before he received a diagnosis and the appropriate treatment, which has made a massive difference to his life. Alex says, 'I am running the Royal Parks Half Marathon in recognition and support for everything NASS has done to raise awareness and support for AS sufferers around the country.' Donate to Alex's page

Robert Keeley is keen to show his support for NASS in support of his friend Mark Hilton, who he also works with. Robert says, 'Mark is an absolute inspiration in how he conducts his affairs. Most wouldn't know he suffers from a potentially debilitating condition. He's an amazing dad, employee, friend, and one of the good guys.' Robert has already raised a wonderful £400 for NASS.

Lorenza Lonardi (right) took part to support her partner, who has AS. Lorenza says, 'My favourite activities include Aperol Spritz and Tiramisu' - which I had to give up in the attempt of running more than 5km without fainting! But I am doing it for a reason close to my heart: I am running to increase awareness and to support the only charity that takes care of people affected by AS.' Donate to Lorenza's page

Lewis Foreman ran the Royal Parks Half in memory of his Nan, Barbara Jones. Lewis' Mum Karen is also taking on her own challenge - a skydive for NASS! Donate to Lewis' page

Thank you all - and good luck!




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