NASS has suspended all branch activity until further notice due to the current COVID19 outbreak. Please follow the link from our homepage for more information.

Bristol Royal Infirmary

  • All patients with diagnosed axial SpA (AS) are referred to PT for disease education, exercise programme, anthropometric measures and education on self-management strategies
  • The relevant ARUK and NASS leaflets are given to patients
  • RAFT fatigue management course, which is a 6 week programme, but at the moment is intermittent, depending on needs and resources (staff have been specifically trained)
  • Patients with a diagnosis of axial SpA (AS) are put on a yearly PT review
  • Direct Access telephone system for PT
  • Nurse-led helpline
  • Medication Support for patients with DMARDs
  • Biologic clinics for patients requiring Biologics
  • Self-referral to Hydrotherapy
  • This year the team have worked with the local GPs to update the referral pathways following NICE recommendations. Their electronic referral system has been updated with the corresponding forms and background information on axial SpA (AS)
  • There are plans to organise group sessions for newly diagnosed patients with inputs from PT, nurses and doctors.
  • The other areas we cover as a 1:1 with Physio or specialist nurses and based on the individual needs after referral by the consultant
    • A general ‘understanding your axial SpA’ session for newly diagnosed –
    • A set number of physiotherapy or hydrotherapy sessions after diagnosis
    • How to manage flares –