NASS London – Lewisham

Cost: £5 per session or £16 by monthly Standing Order

Providing exercise in the gym and hydrotherapy pool with two qualified physiotherapists.  Members are supportive and encouraging, insuring that the sessions are beneficial and enjoyable.

Sessions in the gym and hydrotherapy pool consist of mobility and cardiovascular exercises to help alleviate the effects of AS.  Members are able to work at their own pace according to their needs.  The facilities at Lewisham are excellent and provide the ideal environment for our group.

The Physiotherapy Department of Lewisham Hospital, on the right-hand side, as you enter the hospital main vehicle entrance. It is adjacent to the disabled parking bays. Enter the Physiotherapy department through the automatic glass doors.

Members find the opportunity to meet with and talk to others living with axial SpA(AS) especially valuable

Members also have the opportunity to discuss any concerns they may have with the supervising physiotherapist.

Regular appropriate exercise has been shown to slow down the progress of axial SpA (AS)

Please note that you must have a UK diagnosis of axial spondyloarthritis (Axial SpA) or ankylosing spondylitis (AS) to attend this branch.

NASS London - Lewisham

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