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John’s 20km walk

John Lankshear has lived with AS for 24 years. Over the years, the constant pain from his symptoms and the pressure he felt to live a normal life became increasingly difficult and led to depression. John often found himself hiding away, but that all changed when he met some fantastic and inspirational people over Christmas last year, leading to a new hobby.

John describes his new-found hobby, photography, as a way to “distract myself from the pain and to try to get extra exercise“. He says “I saw the magic of trying to find the most beautiful scenery which was when I noticed that I started to feed my depression with something happier.”

So, in July, John decided to support NASS with a sponsored 20km walk in the New Forest and captured some astonishing views along the way.

I had some spare time so I decided to incorporate my walking and photography with a charity walk to try and help some of my AS family. It has given me a great boost in confidence, brought [my] friends closer, and given me a good feeling of doing something that can help us all.”

A message from John to the axial SpA (AS) community: “Remember you are never alone, and to never be afraid to ask for help. We are always here for you.”

Huge thanks to John for taking on this challenge for NASS and raising £290. We are so inspired by your story and are incredibly grateful for your wonderful support.

If, like John, you enjoy walks in the nature and having fun with a camera, why not join Walk with us, Walk for AS this September?