Great reviews for Alexander Technique workshop

A small group of NASS members enjoyed an Alexander Technique workshop last weekend

Run by Peter Nobes, assisted by Eve Salomon, Michael Ashcroft and Brian Halliday, we were able to offer a 3 hour introduction to the Alexander Technique.

Peter Nobes is a member of Alexander Technique International and has over twenty years teaching experience. His practice is based at the South Bank Alexander Centre, Southwark, London and living with a long- term serious health condition himself, he is keen to raise awareness of the technique and its benefits among people living with axial SpA (AS) and other long term conditions.

The NASS members attending were interested in learning new techniques for managing their axial SpA and found the workshop really useful, rating the overall experience 9 out of a possible 10.

The team was great – it felt like a very safe space.

 The commitment and expertise of the teachers couldn’t be faulted

 Lovely way to feel at ease

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