Last updated:6th April 2018

Could you be a NASS Trustee?


Every year at the NASS AGM and Members' Day, NASS members get the opportunity to stand for election to the Council of Management. 

The Council of Management is the term we use to describe our board of trustees which is a combination of healthcare professionals and people living with AS. The role of a trustee is to make sure that the strategic aims and objectives of the charity are achieved. You will be responsible for the overall strategy of the charity along with other trustees, and will be asked to vote on important decisions.

You will need to attend four meetings per year which are held on Saturday mornings. You can download a full role description to see if you fit the criteria.

If you would like to become a NASS trustee, you will need to complete a nomination form by Friday 4 May 2018. A nomination form can be obtained by emailing Jill Hamilton. You will then be asked to complete an eligibility declaration and provide a biography and photograph for the elections at the AGM at St Mary's University in Twickenham on 9 June 2018.

 Download the role description

 Download the `Essential Trustee` guidance from the Charity Commission

 Email Jill Hamilton for a nomination form

Please note that you can only be nominated to be a trustee if you are a fully paid up member of NASS as set out in the Constitution. Standing down at these elections are Eric Eustance, Ben Hoare and Roger Stevens. All have indicated willingness to re-stand.