Last updated:13th March 2018

Happy 25th anniversary NASS Stockport

Congratulations NASS Stockport

NASS Stockport have just celebrated their 25th anniversary.

The branch was set up on 3 March 1993 by AS patients attending Stepping Hill Hospital rheumatology department.

The anniversary coincided with Stockport being filmed for our 'Patients as Partners' branch network award. The branch agreed to be interviewd both about living with AS and during their exercise session.

Branch contact John Geraghty and other members talked about their great experiences in attending the branch over the years and the benefits of coming along. They were then filmed doing their warm up, circuits, a spot of Tai Chi and during their hydrotherapy session in the fantastic pool at Stepping Hill Hospital.  

We look forward to showcasing the video later on in the year.