Last updated:29th June 2018

MySpA App launched by Barts Health Trust

The Rheumatology Service at Whipps Cross University Hospital have created this new app to help you manage your AS or Psoriatic Arthritis.

It's completely free and aims to give you fast access to a whole range of exercises and assessment tools to help you better manage your condition. 

The app includes a library of exercises with instructions. You can also create your own customised exercise plans along with reminders to complete your exercises during the day. You can also add in exercise photos or videos you find particularly useful that your physiotherapist or exercise instructor may have recommended.

It also includes the standard AS assessments for tracking your AS and the facility to share these with your rheumatology team. 

MySpA in Google Play

MySpA in the App Store

Do check with your physiotherapist before trying any unfamiliar exercises.




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