Last updated:31st May 2018

NASS Stars tackle marathon festival!

The Edinburgh Marathon Festival took place on 26/27 May - and we had nine awesome supporters taking part!

Brothers David and Avi Heinemann both live with AS. The pair were diagnosed at the same time, and are determined to join us and help reduce the current 8.5 year delay to diagnosis. Toegther, they've raised over £1,500 so far. David says, "10 years ago, when my brother Avi and I were fortunate enough to work out what we had, NASS were behind the only helpful advice we were given. They've been working hard to improve things since." Visit David and Avi's fundraising page

Dave and Rachael Roebuck ran to support a loved one with AS, as their brother lives with the condition. Together they've already raised over £255! "This is a condition my brother was diagnosed with after years of attending the GP not knowing why he was in so much pain. Eventually he was diagnosed but maybe if he had been diagnosed sooner he would have received better treatment at the time." Visit Rachael's fundraising page, and visit Dave's fundraising page.

Sue Craig took on this huge personal challenge in support of her husband, and is looking forward to taking on her first marathon for NASS!

Having recently completed the Baker Hughes 10k, David Jones (left) tackled the Edinburgh 10k, determined to raise awareness of a condition which has affected both him and his father for so many years. He won't stop there - David is also taking on the Great North Run for NASS in September! Visit David's fundraising page

Simon Dolman was diagnosed with AS in 1998. After a difficult time, new treatments and regular exercise eventually helped Simon become more active, and he did what he once thought was impossible by taking on a marathon - raising over £630 in the process! "I am fortunate, currently my treatment for AS is successful and I remain mainly symptom free, but not everyone is so lucky. NASS provide support, advice and information to people with AS. They fight to help improve treatment and care and are funding research to beat AS." Visit Simon's fundraising page 

Aaron McGraw and Julie Gunn ran together in the 10k event this Saturday, as AS has impacted both their lives. "NASS is a fantastic organisation that helps thousands of people cope with crippling arthritis everyday and we would like to raise some money to help researchers make their lives a little bit easier. Please help us out by  donating anything you can to this amazing organisation." Visit Aaron and Julie's fundraising page.

A huge thank you to each and every one of you for your incredible support!




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