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Last updated:6th March 2018

Services for spondyloarthritis: a survey of patients and rheumatologists

In 2016 NASS surveyed 2000 people with AS 

Our State of the Nation survey covered issues including your journey to diagnosis, your AS services (including rheumatology and physiotherapy) and your medications. We are very grateful to everyone who took the time to complete the survey as it really helped us understand the current picture in the UK.

At the same time the British Society for Spondyloarthritis (BRITSpA) carried out a survey of rheumatology departments in the UK. This helped complete the picture.

The best way of ensuring these findings reach the widest number of people involved in rheumatology in the UK is to write up these findings as a research paper in a medical journal.

Dr Mohammad Derakhshan from the Insititute of Infection, Immununty and Inflammation at the University of Glasgow kindly agreed to be the lead author. Other authors included Dr Pathak, Dr Siebert and Dr Gaffney.

The paper has just been published in Rheumatology and we hope it will have a positive impact on the care of people with AS in the UK.

Please do contact Sally Dickinson if you would like further information on the paper.






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