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Summer Stretch for NASS – FAQs

Summer Stretch FAQs

Is this safe for me?
Stretching is fantastic for people with axial SpA, but it is important to always stretch within your limits. For more safety tips, read this page on our website.

What stretching should I do?
If you already do yoga or pilates (or have always wanted to try it), then you could base your challenge around those forms of exercise. However, there are many simple stretch routines that you can also use to complete your challenge.

We will have example videos available for 15/30/45 minute options and can also signpost you to other resources to guide you through some stretch sessions. To get you started, check out this page on stretching.

What if I can’t do the challenge from 6-19 July?
These are the core dates for the challenge, but there is nothing to stop you picking a different fortnight to complete your personal challenge if that is better for you.

What if I skip a day?
We all have our off days, so don’t worry, and certainly don’t give up. You can try to make up the time over the rest of a week – either by doubling up one day, or adding a couple of extra minutes to each day.

How much does it cost?
It’s free to sign up and take part. We suggest that everyone aims to raise a minimum of £50 in sponsorship for NASS with the challenge, but completely understand if you raise low, and would be delighted it you are able to raise more.

How do I fundraise?
Once you’ve signed up to Stretch for NASS, we’ll send you plenty of information on how to start your fundraising, including how to set up a Justgiving page, and a paper sponsorship form you can print off.

Who can take part?
Everyone! By choosing appropriate stretch exercises, we hope that anyone and everyone can join in the Summer Stretch for NASS. Whether you have axial SpA (AS), or know someone who does, choose the right challenge for you, and help ensure NASS can reach even more people living with axial SpA (AS) during this Covid-19 crisis.