In memory of Dr Andrew Keat

We were extremely sad to hear that Dr Andrew Keat, Consultant Rheumatologist has died. Dr Keat was a leading light in the world of axial spondyloarthritis, a doctor who was loved by patients and colleagues alike, and an incredible human being. We were blessed to have known him.

He was involved in NASS from the beginning and was the lead clinician on axial spondyloarthritis at Northwick Park Hospital, London for many years. Dr Keat was passionate about axial SpA research and helped increase our understanding of the best care and treatments, continuing to push the research agenda in axial SpA and ankylosing spondylitis at a time when it was starting to flounder.

But more than anything else, DrKeat cared deeply about other people. He would become embarrassed when patients referred to him as the perfect doctor, but we all saw his exceptional ability to connect, understand and support. And whilst out at a NASS event, giving talks or just stopping for a chat, DrKeat was  always generous with his time, offering insights and gentle counsel. He sprinkled gold dust in his wake and warmed us all with his sunny disposition and gentle good humour.

Dr Keat spent a lifetime ‘pouring himself out generously’ and made an incredible personal difference to the people living with axial SpA.

We want to pay tribute to Dr Keat, for everything he did for NASS and for a lifetime’s commitment to those living with axial SpA.