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My AS My Life

Helping you build the skills and confidence to take control of your AS and your life

On average you might spend 2 hours each year with a health professional discussing your axial SpA (AS). That leaves 8,758 hours where you have to manage your condition on your own. 

This page is designed to help you build the confidence and skills you need to self-manage your axial SpA (AS). It includes guides, videos, blogs and links to a whole range of issues covering both your physical and mental health. 

If you’d like to chat to someone about any of the issues on this page, the NASS Helpline are there for you.

Upcoming Sessions

Our next sessions are:

  • Thursday 25 February, 1300: Project Nightingale update and using health apps
  • Wednesday 3 March, 1300: Axial SpA (AS) and your skin with Dominic Urmston, the Psoriasis Association
  • Wednesday 10 March, 1830-1930: Yoga for axial SpA (AS) with Geoff Lindsay and Jamie Boder, Yoga for AS

Making the most of remote appointments

A session with physiotherapist Will Gregory on getting the most from online and telephone appointments

Managing Anxiety

A session with Anxiety UK’s Dave Smithson on dealing with anxiety

Managing my low back and sacroiliac joint pain

A self care session with Zoë Clark including suggested exercises

Mindful Movement

Mindful movement sessions to help your axial SpA (AS) and general wellbeing

Ocean in the background and the sun is shining on a man wearing white

Therapeutic Tai Chi

Rheumatology Specialist Physiotherapist, Susi Mala Gaikwad, leads us through a therapeutic Tai Chi session. Susi also explains what Tai Chi is and how it is beneficial for people with axial SpA (AS)

Watch the video
A lake surrounded by trees and grass, a man with white hair leans forward to stretch his arms behind him


Jamie Boder and Geoff Lindsay are yoga teachers who have axial SpA (AS). In this video they lead a taster class, including modifications of yoga poses

Watch the video
Woman kneeling on yoga mat and smiling


Ian Young is a Somatic Movement teacher who has had AS since he was 13 years old. In this session, Ian guides you in a gentle Somatics session

Watch the video

Managing my night time pain

A self care session on night time pain

Mindfulness for axial SpA (AS)

An introduction to Mindfulness with Sophie Matthew

Massage for axial spA (AS)

A self care session with Zoë Clark on massage

Living well with fatigue

A self care session on managing axial SpA (AS) fatigue

Self care for axial SpA (AS)

Zoë's simple self care tips

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Learn about HIIT sessions with NASS Colchester Branch Physiotherapist, Joshua Poole

Managing my neck and shoulder pain

A self care session with Zoë Clark which includes stretching and strengthening exercises

Managing my flares

A self care session with Zoë Clark on managing flare ups of your axial SpA (AS) symptoms

Looking after your posture

Physiotherapist Emily Clarke shares her top tips for looking after your posture

Working from home with axial SpA (AS)

A self care session with Zoë Clark on working from home

Emotional wellbeing

Different ways to look after your mental health and emotional wellbeing

Managing my rib pain

A self care session with Zoë Clark which includes breathing exercises

Pilates for axial SpA (AS)

Discover how Pilates could help your axial SpA (AS) with Wiebke Reichert

Finding and keeping your motivation to exercise

A self care session with physiotherapist Emily Clarke including a stretch video

Studying with axial SpA (AS)

A self care session with Zoë Clark on managing your axial SpA (AS) while studying at school, college or university

Managing my knee pain

A self care session with Zoë Clark on knee pain

Managing my hip pain

A self care session with Zoë Clark on hip pain

Exercising at home

A self care session with Zoë Clark which includes a range of exercises for the home

Housework and cooking with axial SpA (AS)

Tips from Zoë Clark on reducing pain and fatigue when doing those jobs around the home

Improving balance and reducing falls

A self care session with physiotherapist Heather Harrison

Making mornings easier with axial SpA (AS)

A self care session with Zoë Clark

Driving comfortably

Tips from Zoë Clark to help make driving with axial SpA (AS) more comfortable

Healthy bones

Osteopath and lecturer Andrew MacMillan discusses what it means to have healthy bones and what you can do to improve your bone health

Looking after your emotional wellbeing

Discover more about taking care of your emotional wellbeing with Diane Aronson

Put your best foot forward

A self care session with Zoë Clark on foot care

Get baking

Enjoy making biscuits, muffins and more with James Hillery

Managing jaw pain

A session with physiotherapist Phil Bateman discussing some of the causes of jaw pain and how to help relieve them

TENS machines for managing pain

Learn how TENS machines can help you manage pain with Colin Beevor, Matron/Senior Clinical Nurse Specialist

Gardening with axial SpA (AS)

A self care session with Zoë Clark on gardening


Discover the NASS exercise resources

NASS Guides

These NASS guides include key information to help you self-manage your axial SpA (AS)