Last updated:14th June 2018

Walk Your AS Off - Congratulations

Congratulations to everyone who joined us to Walk Your AS Off in 2018

Walk Your AS Off is a global initiative which takes place every May.

The idea is that walking is great for your AS but it can be hard to motivate yourself to walk when you are in pain and feeling stiff. By joining a supportive online group of people who all have AS and know how difficult it can be, you can all motivate each other to walk every day.

The challenge lasts for the whole of May each year. We hope by the end of the month you will have developed a walking habit and a supportive community of online friends.

Welcome to the Finish Line!

Walk Your AS Off 2018 is now officially over! How did you do? Did you manage to do an extra step or two each day over your normal step count? Do you feel a little bit more mobile or a little less stiff?

This years step total is: 159,083,665!

Thank you

Thank you to everyone whjo got involved including the team running Walk Your AS Off in the USA and our fantastic UK team leaders who had the difficult job of encouraging everyone to log their steps each week.

  • Gillian Eames
  • Jean Morton
  • Kathy Miller
  • Gerry Dance





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