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Managing your pain

Welcome to Your SpAce. Here we build skills together to live life with axial SpA.

Your SpAce is for anyone with axial spondyloarthritis (axial SpA), including ankylosing spondylitis (AS). Whether you’ve just been diagnosed or you’ve been living with the condition for years, Your SpAce is here to support you.

This page is focused on managing pain. People with axial SpA can experience pain for a number of different reasons. It’s very personal to you and can change over time. So this section of Your SpAce shares information about the types of pain you can experience. It then guides you through different techniques that can help. The aim is to build a toolkit to help you manage your pain.

We’re a community, so take your time watching the videos and do get involved in the comments sections. We can help each other by sharing experiences and advice.

To visit Your SpAce topics on fatigue and flares, follow the links below.

What types of pain can you experience with axial SpA?

Discover ways to manage your pain

Understand how medication can help relieve pain

Record your medication on our Your SpAce medication resource sheet. This will help you feel prepared for painful flares and understand what you can do to help. Download a copy to print.

Download a copy to complete on your computer. Simply download the document, open with your usual PDF reader, click on the text boxes to complete, and then save a copy.

Wendy describes how she manages her pain

Managing different areas of pain

Visit our My AS, My Life webpage for more detailed advice on managing pain, including: TENS machines; massage; acupuncture; and easing pain in different areas of the body.

Find support from other people with axial SpA: Your SpAce meetups

Connect with others by attending one of our free online meetups. They’re relaxed and friendly. An opportunity to meet other people with axial SpA, get support and share experiences.

Upcoming meetups:

You can view all upcoming meetups and book your place.

If you’re new to Zoom, download our simple guide to Zoom.


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