Physical branch meetings are currently cancelled due to COVID-19. However there are virtual activities being run by some branches. Please contact your local branch for more information.

We hope you find the information on these pages helpful. Our team is working tirelessly to provide up to date advice in relation to the COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic. Record numbers of people are now turning to NASS for support, and we hope to be here for everyone. Our helpline and advice service are only possible thanks to donations from people like you.

If you are able to make a donation to NASS today, we'd be so grateful.


Our Team

Meet the NASS team

Dr Dale Webb

Dale is Chief Executive and has overall responsibility for the management of NASS. He works with policy makers, funders, service commissioners and professional bodies in order to raise awareness, raise funds and ensure that people with axial SpA get earlier diagnosis and access to effective treatment and rehabilitation. Dale leads an outstanding team of staff who deliver an ambitious programme of work to support the axial SpA community across the UK. You can follow him on Twitter @NASSchiefexec.

Fiona MacAulayFiona

Fiona is Communications Manager and is responsible for telling the NASS story, raising awareness for the work that we do and working with our community to ensure people with axial SpA have their voices heard. She works with NASS colleagues to promote programmes, services, and campaigns in national and local media. Fiona is leading the promotion of the Gold Standard and Aspiring to Excellence programmes to both public and healthcare audiences.

Garry Williams

Garry is Helpline & Branch Support Officer. He works with Sally on our Helpline, ensuring all your questions are answered. He is trained in helping people with questions about disability benefits including PIP and ESA so do get in touch if you need help. Garry is the contact point at NASS for our branch network and is the person to chat to if you are interested in getting a new branch up and running.

Gemma smilingGemma Jamieson

Gemma is Digital Marketing Officer and works on digital content on our website, social media and newsletters. Including NASS Facebook, Twitter and Instagram keeping followers updated and engaged. Her work helps to create an online community for people with axial SpA and other NASS supporters.

Jill Hamilton

Jill is Head of Policy & Health Services, responsible for raising awareness of axial SpA among healthcare professionals, and policy and decision makers. You should also contact Jill if you have a research project you would like to share with us.  Jill also works with the events coordinator Helen, strategically overseeing event themes and content.

Jovhan smilingJohvan Roberts

Jovhan is Administrative Assistant, his role is to provide administrative support to the fundraising manager and fundraising activities in addition to managing the CEO’s diary.

Justyna Potiopa (Maternity Leave)

Justyna is Finance and Administration Manager and looks after all our charity finances. You can also contact Justyna if you have any GDPR related questions.

Laura in front of wallLaura Hyde

Laura Hyde is Fundraising Manager and is responsible for making sure there is enough money to keep NASS services running each year. She manages our annual appeals and is responsible for fundraising from charitable trusts and foundations. Laura also organises NASS fundraising events such as our Walk with Us, Walk with AS challenge, and works with individuals and communities across the UK supporting them with events and helping to put new fundraising ideas into motion. Laura is also responsible for in memory donations and legacies, and takes care of supporter’s gifts after they have passed away, making sure that their kindness reaches the people who need it most.

Lisa in redDr Lisa Swingler

Lisa is Programme Manager for our clinical facing quality improvement programmes; Gold Standard and Aspiring to Excellence programme. The Gold Standard programme is a 5 year commitment to reducing time to diagnosis working to raise public awareness of axial SpA, increase GP referrals of suspected cases to rheumatology and increase speed and accuracy of secondary care diagnosis. The Aspiring to Excellence programme was launched in 2019. To ensure the successful roll out of this initiative, Lisa works with Rheumatology Teams from 11 centres across the UK on service Quality Improvement capability building and implementation of clinical service improvements.

Liz MarshallLiz smiling with glasses

Liz is Head of Marketing, Communications and Fundraising. She is responsible for raising awareness of axial SpA, and the work NASS does to help people live well with the disease, as well as generating the income we need to do our life-changing work. Whether she is working with the media, or overseeing the development of digital campaigns, Liz is responsible for ensuring we tell powerful and compelling stories. She is also responsible for leading fundraising and membership marketing. Liz would like to hear from anyone who would like to share their story to help increase public awareness of axial SpA.

Peter Dowson

Peter is Membership Development Officer and is responsible for engaging and building relationships with our valued members, as well as running our online platform for young people ASone.

Sally Dickinson

Sally is Head of Information and Support Services. She runs the Helpline for anyone who has questions about axial SpA. She has responsibility for all patient and member information produced by NASS including AS News and all our guides. She also writes and manages the axial SpA information on the NASS website. Sally also looks after our network of branches across the UK. She is working with Zoë to develop a self management programme.

Zoë Clark

Zoë is Self Management Programme Officer. She runs the Self Management Programme, delivering interactive sessions through rheumatology departments to help people manage their axial SpA. Zoë is responsible for My AS My Life, creating resources and running Facebook live sessions on self management. She is also available on the Helpline with Sally and Garry.

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Since 1976, NASS has been here to help. We have the information you need, along with a community of people who understand.

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