NASS Branches

Stretch in a friendly and supportive environment

This information is for anyone with axial spondyloarthritis, including people with ankylosing spondylitis.

Stretch in a friendly and supportive environment

Our network of NASS branches offer regular physiotherapy and hydrotherapy led by qualified physiotherapists for those with axial SpA and other related conditions in over 65 locations across the UK.

People regularly attending NASS Branches benefit from improved mobility and flexibility and along with reduced stiffness as a result of accessing regular physiotherapy.

Our branches offer a place for people with axial SpA to go to seek advice and support from professionals and their peers. They are a place where friendships are built in a fun environment with those who will understand you best.

Learn more about our branches from volunteers Wendy and Clive then find a branch in your area.

If you volunteer for a NASS branch you can find our Branch Resources area here.

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