Branch Resources


Every NASS branch should hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM). We would like these to be held in the first quarter of each year. Download the guide to running a branch AGM.

Guide to running an AGM


NASS has an official complaints policy. Please do pass it to anyone who wants to make an official complaint.

Complaints Policy


Keeping financial records

Receipts for cash payments

Branch Income and Expenditure Record Template


Advice on branch fundraising

Membership and medical form

Each member should complete an updated health form provided by your physiotherapist. Any important changes in health over the past 12 months should be highlighted and discussed in advance of their first session. Members should be aware that they must inform their NASS physiotherapist on any given week should their general health change.

Your physiotherapist may have their own health form which they prefer to use or are asked by their Trust to use. This form is for any branch who needs a form.

Medical and membership form

Returning to physical sessions after COVID19

Our guide for branch committees on returning to branch sessions can be downloaded below. This guide was last updated in May 2021. There is also a guide for members which can be adapted by branch committees to include venue rules.

Guidance for branches on returning to physical meeting May 2021 Final

Guidance for branch members on returning to physical meeting May 2021 Final

NASS Hazard and Risk Analysis template

Roles and responsibilities

If someone is stepping down from their role and you’re hoping to find someone new it’s good to give a clear idea of what’s involved. We’ve included three different role descriptions.

The role of a Chair

The role of a Treasurer

The role of a Secretary


NASS Safeguarding Handbook

Terms of reference

Terms of reference

NASS Constitution 

Virtual sessions

Setting up virtual sessions

We also have a guide to introducing branch members to virtual sessions. Please email for a copy. You can adapt it to meet your own needs.