Help us to create a Gold Standard in Treatment and Care for Axial Spondyloarthritis

We are excited to be launching a call for evidence as part of our efforts to establish a Gold Standard in Treatment and Care for Axial Spondyloarthritis as part of the Aspiring to Excellence programme.

We are looking for people with lived experience of axial SpA and health care professionals to share with us their real life examples of good treatment and care.

For people with lived experience, for example this might be a course or education session you attended, a new way of being able to communicate with your health care team which improved your experience, or a routine that you were able to develop with your health care team to help with a specific part of living with axial SpA.

For health care professionals, for example this might be implementing a protocol, developing a way of working with other disciplines or introducing a self-management course.

We are working on five areas which we have worked to create alongside a group of people with lived experience, healthcare professionals and researchers.

The closing date to share your experience and evidence is Friday 16 August 2024.

For people with lived experience

Read We want to hear from you – full version or if you prefer there is a shorter version here. These documents will provide you with more information about what sort of things we would like to hear from you about

Share your experiences using our template in Word format and send it to

Share your experiences online via Survey Monkey

If you would prefer to share your experiences over the telephone or by video call, please email

For healthcare professionals

Read: Call for Evidence document

Download: Evidence Template – Health Care Professionals

Access: Evidence template via Survey monkey for health care professionals

We understand that health care professionals are very busy and may want to submit but haven’t got the time right now. If this is you and you would like instead to organise a phone call, online call or just get a reminder to submit, you can express your interest here.