Time flies: tools to help make the most of consultations

In 2022 NASS undertook research with Headstrong Thinking to find out what matters most to people with axial SpA when they are getting their diagnosis, treatment and care. As a result we put together a set of values-based quality standards to help health care professionals understand what people want from their appointments.

You can download a full copy of the report What do patients need and value in the diagnosis and treatment of axial SpA here.

We’ve now developed a toolkit to help health care professionals to make the most of their time with their patients, and to ensure that both get what they need from appointments.

Click here to download a copy of our poster showing the quality standards.


Our top tips for making the most of your time before, during and after appointments

  1. Prior to appointment: Collect as much information as you can prior to , and use resources such as focus forms to help with discussion.
  2. At the appointment: Use collaborative agenda setting to make sure you talk about what matters to your patients, and to allow you to use clinical reasoning so that any risk issues are addressed
  3. Between appointments: Encourage people to develop a personalised management plan so your patients know who to contact and when


Watch our video on collaborative agenda setting


Patient Values poster